Our Practice's Story

Meet our founder, Dr. Brandie Keates and the story of how the practice began.

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Our Practice's Story

Formerly known as King of Prussia Family Wellness Center, Experience Chiropractic opened its doors in 2003 providing chiropractic care, massage therapy, and rehabilitation. Driven by a passion to help people live the life they love without the pain, Dr. Brandie Keates (formerly Dr. Brandie Nemchenko), a chiropractor and former paramedic, opened her first clinic. Her mission was simple – To provide the best care to Philadelphia's Main Line region by offering a diversified menu of services to aid people in regaining their lives and health through evidence-based chiropractic treatment.               

The center was different from the beginning. The doctors were specially trained in sports medicine – including extremity adjusting, cutting edge modalities like the Erchonia laser and the VForce vibration therapy plate for rehabilitation and custom-made orthotic casting. The center’s focus was simple, look at the entire body as a structure instead of just a spine.

Coming from a strong medical background, Dr. Brandie Keates was working in the Emergency Department and had no intention of being a chiropractor. It wasn’t until after she had her daughter, Alexandra in 1998 that things started to change. “After having Ali, something clicked in me. Before her, I could easily draw blood from babies and small children and after having her I would cry. As a mother, my heart physically hurts for them.” As a paramedic - that can’t happen.

One day, Ali slipped on a book while dancing and broke her leg, leaving her with a heavy limp. Dr. Brandie recalled, “I just remember people stopping us in toy stores and asking what was wrong with our daughter and why she walked like a duck.” Soon after, Ali was taken to 3 specialists who concluded she would have to wait until she turned four for further analysis. With the end result of doctors having to re-break her little leg or put her in a brace.

“I was devastated because I feared it was permanent. Someone asked me after a few months if I had ever thought of taking her to a chiropractor. I told them they were nuts – what did a chiropractor have to do with a broken leg?” At this point, Dr. Brandie was desperate. 

“I agreed to go in and just listen to the doctor – but he wasn’t going to touch her.” They were met by a large jolly man who upon coming into the room, Ali teetered right to him. As they watched, he laid her across his lap and he lifted her leg up and down. He called Dr. Brandie over to see. Her one leg was markedly longer than the other. The doctor explained that the weight of her hip cast had caused her pelvis to misalign and he showed how the pelvis bone would make her leg appear short due to spasm in the muscles surrounding.

It seemed logical and Dr. Brandie consented to treatment on the spot. The chiropractor placed her back on his lap – lifted her leg and did a gentle push in the area of the dimple of her back. She giggled and he placed her on the floor. Like a new little fawn – she teetered and then walked like nothing happened, normally and without limp.

“I remember he thanked us for the honor of trusting him with adjusting our child. I grabbed him and gave him a huge hug!” On the car ride home, Dr. Brandie decided that she never wanted another child or family to go through what she had.

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