Your Prenatal Chiropractor For the Pregnancy You Dreamed of

Pregnancy presents its own unique challenges and thus requires its own standard of care. Bloom @ Experience Chiropractic is our tailored approach to prenatal chiropractic.

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Your Prenatal Chiropractor For the Pregnancy You Dreamed of

As exhilarating a time as pregnancy can be, many women also suffer significant changes to their body and overall health during this time. Your pelvic ligaments loosen, your center of gravity begins to shift forward, and everything just

And that’s ok! This is common but it’s not normal. Common pregnancy pain is 100% treatable. Why not take steps to combat these sudden postural and joint/ligament abnormalities? A proper prenatal chiropractor can provide treatment during the pregnancy period that promotes joint and ligament health throughout the body, ensuring your comfort throughout the process.

About Prenatal Chiropractors

Prenatal chiropractors provide relief from the prenatal and postpartum discomfort that so many women experience during and following pregnancy. Dr. Brandie Keates, a prenatal chiropractic specialist certified by the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association, has a breadth of experience in the field. In 2006, after her own challenging pregnancy, she founded Bloom @ Experience Chiropractic. Dr. Brandie created a specialized standard of care for treating pregnant women, The Bloom Philosophy. Recognizing that she could help so many pregnant women through unnecessary pregnancy pain, she began to train chiropractors on The Bloom Philosophy. Now, a trusted resource for pregnant woman and the OB/GYNs, midwives, doulas that care for them, the prenatal chiropractors at Bloom are a vibrant group of clinicians, warm and full of personality.   They are skilled at diagnosing & treating the common discomfort that many women experience during and well beyond pregnancy.

About Bloom @ Experience Chiropractic

Bloom @ Experience Chiropractic is our tailored approach to prenatal chiropractic. Pregnancy presents its own unique challenges and requires its own standard of care.  Dedicated to helping moms-to-be live the life they love throughout their pregnancy, The Bloom Philosophy views the body as a single unit with several distinct components that, when properly cared for, work together to handle the changes that accompany pregnancy.

Of all the techniques utilized by Bloom for prenatal chiropractic care, one of the most critical is the Webster Technique.

The Webster Technique

The Webster Technique is a proven technique in prenatal chiropractic care that involves specialized spinal adjustments which help maintain proper pelvic alignment and nervous system function. This alignment, in turn, reduces torsion in the uterus by balancing and relaxing pelvic muscles, and many women find it significantly improves their comfort levels during pregnancy.

Trusted Pregnancy Chiropractic Care For Pennsylvania

Bloom @ Experience Chiropractic has the experience and empathy you’re looking for in prenatal chiropractic care. Our passion is restoring your ability to work, care for your children and even train for Broad Street. We do our best to serve you wherever you may be in the southeast Pennsylvania area. Give us a call today to find out if prenatal chiropractic care is right for you!

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What You Don't Expect When You're Expecting?

What if your pregnancy isn’t the dream you always imagined and instead has turned into a living nightmare? What if instead of your doctor telling you these aches and pains are normal and there’s nothing that can be done, you had a practitioner that not only listened to you but helped you? It is possible. Dr. Brandie Keates, a pregnancy chiropractor with over fifteen years of experience has developed a self-help run-through that has helped thousands of patients in her private practice near Philadelphia. In her “keeping it real” and humorous manner, Dr. Brandie not only gives you the tools and mechanics of what you can safely try, she also “gets it” and helps you find ways to cope and think differently in this “new but temporary normal.” Breaking down the typical cases she sees in her office, she explains why these things happen and what you can STOP doing today to help you break the pain cycle so that you can do the things you need to do, even while pregnant.

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