Chiropractic Sports Injury Prevention

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Chiropractic Sports Injury Prevention

We’ve all been there. You tweak your knee or feel your spine pop, and you’re instantly unable to live the active lifestyle you love and to do the things that make you happy. This is never the position you want to be in, and this is exactly what we strive to prevent.

Experience Chiropractic believes the best medicine is prevention, which is why we focus so much on sports injury prevention with our patients. Not only do we help athletes prepare for big events, but we help them take proper care of their tendons, joints, and spines after their event, too.

Why Sports Injuries Occur

While sometimes entirely unavoidable, many injuries are the result of fatigue and improper body utilization. Our sports injury prevention aims to strengthen the joints, tendons, and ligaments that experience increased tension and improper usage when athletes are fatigued. 

Experience Chiropractic’s Sports Injury Prevention Plan

So how do we help you prevent sports injuries? Not only does Experience Chiropractic build warm-ups, proper form and movement education into your sports injury prevention plan, but we work hard with your healthcare provider to equip you with in-home self-maintenance techniques so that you’re able to prevent injuries whenever you have time to spare. 

Why Experience Chiropractic?

Our chiropractors are all athletes, and they know what athletes’ bodies need. Your chiropractor will develop a comprehensive sports injury prevention plan to help keep you on the field and off the bench. But why else choose Experience Chiropractic?

  • Our chiropractors all have extensive athletic backgrounds and understand the athletic mindset
  • Our staff are highly trained to handle multi-system injuries, not only spinal injuries
  • Experience Chiropractic is in-network on most insurance plans and offers both cash and family plans
  • You’ll never receive lectures from us, just compassionate whole-body care from practitioners who aim to see you back on the field or on the trail as soon as possible

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