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The Sports Injury Experts

We love being active, and we love getting after it. But we also know that part of being active is dealing with injuries. So many of us grew up moving, twisting, turning, pivoting, and falling without so much as a second thought to our long-term health. But a lifetime of sports takes its toll, and sports injuries can fester into serious long-term problems when not properly cared for. 

That’s where we come in. Experience Chiropractic is full of chiropractors who are also active lifestyle enthusiasts, and who have also experienced their fair share of sports injuries. 

We know it sucks! And we want to help you get back on your feet and back in the game as soon as possible. Experience Chiropractic has the expert care you need to treat sports injuries correctly and effectively so that you recover fast and, just as importantly, so that you don’t re-aggravate the injury due to improper care.

Your Go-To Sports Injury Chiropractor

Experience Chiropractic helps athletes and active enthusiasts alike recover fast and recover right. Whether you’re a runner having trouble with repeated knee impact or a crossfit athlete experiencing joint pain, Experience Chiropractic has sports injury chiropractors with extensive training on how to help you best mitigate current damage, reduce inflammation, restore proper alignment, and ensure a healthy recovery.

And because we cater to athletes, we even handle things like kinesio taping and custom orthotics; we’re on your team no matter what care you need.

Why Choose Experience Chiropractic?

Our sports injury chiropractors are here to help you get you back in the game. Why choose us?

  • All of our chiropractors have extensive athletic backgrounds
  • Our staff is made up of MDs and DOs and treat all kinds of whole-body injuries, not simply spinal injuries
  • We are in-network for most insurance plans and offer both cash and family plans
  • Here you’ll find warm, compassionate care professionals that want to see you recover almost as much as you do.

Located in southeast Pennsylvania, our doctors do their best to help you recover wherever you may be. Ready to take back your life from injury? Call us today!

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