Services in Our Family Chiropractic Center

If you are looking for the most results-oriented but also down-to-Earth family chiropractic center in Wayne, PA, then come to Experience Chiropractic for whole-body care

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Services in Our Family Chiropractic Center

Experience the Difference at Experience Chiropractic

Experience Chiropractic is a chiropractic office located in Wayne, PA. Our chiropractors use advanced techniques to treat a variety of conditions. If you have pain or a lack of function that just won’t go away and is stopping you from enjoying what you love, let us help.

At our chiropractic offices, we focus on treating pains and or a lack of function and also providing information on how to prevent your issues so they don’t happen in the first place. 

Our chiropractors see injuries resulting from sitting at a desk, working out at a gym and just everyday life. We can also recommend the best way to perform at your best through incorporating adjustments, stretches, and exercises to have you feeling your best.  As most everyone returns to their normal activities, it’s important to teach our patients how to help themselves to add small tweaks to their daily life to keep up the results that they gain from our office.


We are experts not only with our experience, but also each doctor was a college-level athlete and understands the mentality of needing to function at their best and wanting results.   We focus on your entire body, not just the spine.

Experience Chiropractic is also the home of The Bloom Philosophy, a comprehensive results-oriented program that helps women function and move with minimal pain on their body during pregnancy through regular chiropractic care.  Pregnancy is supposed to be a time of joy, not pain.  

Experience Chiropractic takes pride in offering compassionate care to help you regain what you love to do with ease and the ability to function.  We have advanced training in extremity issues and are happy to treat other joint injuries such as knee/ankle or shoulder problems and how that may relate to the issues you are having in your spine.  

How Our Family Chiropractic Center Can Benefit You and Your Whole Family

We offer professional care at our chiropractic offices that includes the whole family. We believe in focusing on results, so if you are not seeing an improvement in your condition in about two weeks, then we can refer you for co-management of your condition whether that be getting advanced testing or with one of our trusted specialist colleagues.

To start your pain-free life, you can set up an appointment to visit our chiropractic office in Wayne, PA, by calling (610) 337-7463. We also serve King of Prussia, Main Line, Plymouth Meeting, Devon, and Radnor/Villanova. Contact Experience Chiropractic today to learn more.

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